• Trying to keep up with constant changes in our industry?

    Metrix® brings a unique blend of automation and cost-driven layout creation. With its rules-based productivity Metrix allows you to dramatically reduce planning and prepress labor cost and shorten job throughput. With over 1000 seats sold and available on Mac OS X & Windows platform Metrix is putting users all around the world back in control.

  • Beating the odds, and continued growth.

    "With Metrix®, we have been able to automate the planning and imposition of hundreds of orders we receive each day - in fact, Metrix saves us two hours of labor each day!"

    Thomas Nagel, Laserline (Berlin, Germany)

  • Dynamic calculations of the most cost effective project plans.

    Metrix® adds unprecedented automation to print workflows by seamlessly exchanging data with MIS, Prepress, and Finishing. Some people call Metrix the only intelligent, automated job planning and imposition system. Others simply say, “With Metrix, work just flows.”

  • Job Planning & Imposition without operator involvement?
    Yes. Really.

    Metrix® Automation automatically processes incoming projects and analyzes a multitude of manufacturing options to produce optimized layout projects without operator intervention. Available in either a robust Server version and a Lite version.


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General Commercial Printer? Gang Printer? Publication Printer? Take a look and see what Metrix® has to offer for your specific needs. Metrix is available at many different price points, in a broad range of configurations.

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Metrix 2017.3 Available!

Major New Features including a Die-Cut Product Support, New Auto Plan Printing Methods, Vertical Press Gutters and More!and a whole lot more!!

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Metrix is now part of EFI.
For more information visit www.efi.com.connect.

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