Metrix & Web-to-Print

Industry Recognition



Metrix Server 1.0 was awarded the prestigious Must See ’ems Award

One of only four products so recognized in the Software category, at the Print09 show, which ran from Sept. 9-19, 2009 in Chicago. Winners were selected “…from the more than 4,000 individual products being shown at PRINT 09 by almost 650 exhibitors spread out over 600,000 square feet of McCormick Place exhibit space. Products were nominated in a reiterative process from supplier information including pre-show briefings and input from an independent Selection Committee. Nominees were reviewed and voted on by a 21 person committee in a secret ballot that required more than majority agreement that a product was compelling for a large number of exhibition attendees to achieve Must See ’ems recognition.”



Metrix User Wins 2008 CIP4 International Print Production Innovation (CIPPI) Award for Best Process Automation Implementation

Southern Colour of Victoria, Australia, a Metrix user since early 2007, took the prize for “Best Process Automation Implementation – Asia Pacific.” “Metrix is a remarkable application,” explained Allan Gardiner, Pre-Press Manager at Southern Color (Vic). “It enables our planners to quickly build accurate production plans and layouts, dynamically adapting the plan as changes are made. The user-interface is very intuitive and the software is cleverly designed. Now, rather than spending time folding pieces of paper our planners can perform quick ‘what if?’ scenarios to find the most efficient way to manufacture our jobs, automatically considering all necessary parameters – folding, press and binding equipment capabilities, sheet sizes, even grain direction. The resulting production plans can be printed as detailed reports, and can also be passed on as industry standard JDF files that can be used with other downstream processes within our workflow.”



Executive Outlook, Worth-a-Look, Graph Expo 2006 & 2007

Metrix version 2.0 and Metrix version 3.0 both received Worth-a-Look awards at Graph Expo 2006 and Graph Expo 2007 respectively. Must See ’ems and Worth-a-Look products were selected from almost 6,600 individual products shown at Graph Expo 2007, and about 5,700 individual products shown at Graph Expo 2006.

Worth a look products are considered to perhaps not have as wide an application or broad impact on the industry as Must See ’ems, but are nevertheless especially important for niche markets or selected groups of printers. Some are technology demonstrations providing a hint of future products.




Executive Outlook, Print 05 Must See ’ems

Metrix was selected by a panel of 15 leading industry consultants and trade magazine editors as a Must See ’em product for every Print 05 attendee. According to Executive Outlook, Must See ’ems products and services represent the technology trends that will impact virtually all types of printers or converters. They represent the most compelling technology and FuturePrint trends in the printing and converting industries.

All of the 7,500 individual products exhibited at Print 05 & Converting 05 were eligible for Must See ’ems recognition consideration. Nominee products were reviewed and voted on by a 15 person committee in a secret ballot that required more than majority agreement that a product was compelling for a large number of exhibition attendees to achieve Must See ’ems recognition. Products identified as compelling but of importance to a more limited audience, or that are promising but not yet fully developed, or are in an uncertain early adoption stage, were identified as Worth-a-Look products.



2005 PIA/GATF Intertech Technology Award

Metrix has been honored with the prestigious 2005 Intertech™ Technology Award from the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (PIA/GATF). Inaugurated in 1978, this award recognizes excellence in the development of new technology expected to have a major impact on the graphic communications industry over the next five years. Recipients are chosen by an anonymous judging committee composed of industry experts who are independent of GATF.



Print21 Technology ‘Hot Pick’

At PacPrint 2005, in Melbourne, Australia, Metrix was awarded a Print21 ‘Hot Pick’. Quoting Print21’s Andy McCourt:

“Now this is a really fantastic piece of software, shown at PacPrint on the Graphic Systems Australia booth. What’s more, it’s home-grown from Rohan Holt’s Wollongong, NSW Metrix Software. Efficient impositions and gang-printing of same stock jobs can save thousands of sheets – and dollars – but; how to calculate the best layout? Metrix does it all for you – enter the job/s and the best layout is instantly calculated. Metrix exports JDF, CIP3 or Preps® templates for seamless integration into most workflows. One example shown – a 12-up job was made to fit the same sheet size as a 15-up by bleeding on three not four sides, saving 800 sheets (20%) for 50,000 copies of the final product. Beat that.”